August 27, 2009

weekend hike | griffith park

los angeles on a "clear" day...HA!

images taken with a blackberry camera...hence the low resolution

whenever the weather permits, steve and i love taking a drive up to griffith park and hiking the mount hollywood trail by the observatory. it's an easy enough afternoon hike with a bit of a workout. you can even pack a light lunch and sit at dante's view while enjoying the gardens and city landscape. or you could also check out some of the nearby vegan lunch spots...

at the bottom of the hill sits the trails cafe, a cute little cabin offering surprisingly delicious snacks and pastries with several vegan and vegetarian options. their vegan mushroom cashew pie and various dessert pastries are quite tasty and pair well with an ice cold arnold palmer after a hike.

just a short drive west of griffith park is locali, my favorite convenience store and sandwich shop. they've got a great assortment of specialty vegan items that you can't find elsewhere. it's a tiny place, but i could easily spend a whole day checking out all their products. i am addicted to the cavi-art vegan caviar they carry and the franklin phenomenon sandwich is amazing!! perhaps a bit on the pricey side BUT your dollars are supporting a small, local and sustainable business, so shop away people!!!

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