October 05, 2009

so good! miso mayo.....yum!!!

ever since i saw vancouver's japadogs on no reservations, i knew i had to recreate the experience at home with some vegan hot dogs. yes i am aware of anthony bourdain's disdain for all things vegan, and yes i still love his show.....but i digress. what is a japadog you ask? street vendor hot dogs with japanese toppings: miso mayo, nori, daikon....etc. on my quest to gather all the necessary components i came across so good! miso mayo at whole foods....and indeed it is! so good in fact, that i've been putting it on just about everything and anything i can think of..... sandwiches, crackers, salad, vegetables...etc. seriously this stuff is addicting!! so far i've only tried the original flavor, but i'm definitely picking up the garlic 'n' dill and spicy red pepper varieties on my next shopping trip to whole foods.

can't wait for vegan japadogs this weekend!! gotta make room for one more weekend of grilling before the REAL chilly weather hits so-cal. still confused?? check this out:


  1. Does it taste much like regular mayo?

  2. What a fantastic and wacky idea. Definitely gonna try miso mayo. japadog... lol. too funny.