May 27, 2009

5.24.09 | seared tuna tacos

steve decided that he wanted to prepare a meal for me all on his own and i thought that seared tuna would be a good and easy introduction to gourmet cooking. and so i handed over my trusted tuna taco recipe, we picked up some nice sashimi grade ahi tuna steaks at trader joe's and he got to cookin!

aside from a minor scare which involved taco shells going up in flames in my toaster oven and lots of smoke, screaming and barking (my dog), all turned out really well!! in fact, we got a nice laugh out of it after all was said and done :)

seared ahi tuna tacos with avocado salsa (recipe available at the food network)
we used one 6.5 ounce steak and halved the recipe, which made enough filling for two tacos each. i highly recommend using white corn taco shells instead of the traditional yellow variety.

romaine lettuce with agave-mustard dressing (veganomicon)
The original recipe called for maple syrup, which i was out of, but agave nectar worked just fine.

quickie pickled radishes (recipe available at cooking with amy)
i was supposed to stay out of the kitchen, but couldn't help myself and instead grabbed some radishes from my garden and quickly googled a recipe. this couldn't have been easier to make! i think next time i will cut back on the sugar and add some hot chili, but definitely a great basic recipe to start with.

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