May 27, 2009

Favorite Meat Substitutes

I am always on the quest to find the best vegan meat alternatives for my's made my boyfriend's transition to a mostly plant based diet much easier and I love that you don't have to give up your favorite dishes to help the planet. We are still working on the seafood thing : /

Below is an on-going list of my favs so far:

My local Trader Joe's has these for $1.99...score!! On their own they are a bit dry...but add some Veganaise and you've got yourself a nice little vegan ghetto snack. Steve and I always add these to our veggie subs from Subway or Quiznos. Soooo good with a Quiznos Torpedo!

At $5.99, this isn't exactly the cheapest meat substitute, but a nice treat once in a while. This tastes great with some balsamic vinaigrette or with Follow Your Heart's Balsamic Mild Barbecue Sauce. Two minutes in the microwave and you're done! I will never eat another nasty Tofurky loaf on Thanksgiving!!
Trader Joe's stocks this which means I can pick some up at a great deal. Used this for an Italian wedding soup recipe with meatballs and it worked out really well.

Hamburger Patties Yves Meatless Beef Burgers
If I'm craving a burger and can't get my ass across town to M Cafe for a Big Macro, this is the next best thing. Better taste than Boca Burgers in my opinion.

Simply the best vegan hot dogs...and even better if you can track down the Frankenstand and get a Wolf Dog with some Veganaise, mustard and jalapenos....yum!!

Sausage Crumbles recipe available at Veg Web
So easy to make and really great to have on hand for brunch recipes. So much junk goes into fake meats, so its' always great when you can make something yourself at home.

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