May 27, 2009

5.25.09 | seared ahi tuna burgers....soooooo good!!!

not wanting our leftover ahi tuna steak from the previous night to go to waste, we decided to make another seared dish for dinner. when i saw that we had two hamburger buns in the freezer i immediately decided that seared ahi burgers with wasabi aioli would be perfect! while Steve watched a basketball game, i quickly got started on the marinade.

seared ahi tuna (recipe available at simply recipes)
i came across this recipe after doing a quick search for ahi marinade and i am so glad i found it! i had to stop myself from taking bites out of the steak as i marinated the tuna. i halved the recipe for approx 6.5 ounces of ahi tuna and omitted the lime juice. we seared the steak for 45-50 seconds on each side and it came out perfect! i will definitely be making this again.

for the wasabi aioli, i just mixed some wasabi, garlic and vegan mayo to taste. spread on the buns, add some lettuce, tomato and ground mustard and you've got on amazing meal that couldn't be any easier to make!

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