January 14, 2010

los angeles vegan dining deals!!!!!

great deals that make dining out affordable after the holiday season:


restaurant.com lets you buy $25 certificates to many local restaurants for $10. usually their list doesn't include the most popular spots in town, but with a bit of research you can come across many great finds. currently they have a 80% off promotion for added savings. meaning each $25 certificate will only cost you $2!! just use the code BONUS at checkout anytime until January 31.

a couple of vegan-friendly LA finds on restaurant.com:


passcodes sent to your cell phone and email for many hot spots around town. most recently they offered 40% off at real food daily and 30% off happy hour at the york. bonus points for being paperless!


great offers for restaurants and services in l.a. groupon.com is a bit different in that you have to prepay for the offer upfront....but it's a great deal nonetheless. recently they offered $30 credit at locali conscious convenience for $15.


how do i know that coffee bean is giving away free coffee today? or that jamba juice has $1 oatmeal every wednesday this month? or what the current restaurant.com promotion is? la bargain hunter!!! you can follow on twitter and get alerts sent directly to your phone!!

i can cut out shopping, cable, vacations and coffee shops...but i just can't cut out going out to eat!! now you don't have to either :)

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  1. So great! Thanks for posting all this info - especially all the vegan finds on restaurant.com!